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By Paul Losch

My Recent DMV Experience

Uploaded: Feb 1, 2013

I will admit that I misplaced my DMV renewal for my car to get a new annual sticker. My bad.

I tried to renew on line. Did not work. I tried the automatec phone system, and was told I could not renew with a debit card over the phone. Wait time to talk to a real person was one hour.

I went during my lunch hour to a DMV office, and was told that the wait time was 3 hours. No way!

I went back the following morning, and it took a "mere" hour of waiting before my 3 minute transaction took place with a real human being.

For such a simple transaction. why are there not kiosks, the likes we see at banks, post offices, and other places?

Are you seeking for nostalgis? The DMV is a throwback that will satisfy your desires.

What it did for me is to make sure I do all I can to avoid going to that place again.