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By Paul Losch

Make University Avenue a Pedestrian Mall

Uploaded: Nov 28, 2012

I have written about this idea before, and it is worth bringing up again.

Driving home after a long Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, I thought about the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

I participated in a difficult discussion Tuesday night about the proposed development at what is euphemistically called 27 University. Lots to it, we had many local citizens and consultants speak in open session about the concept in its current form.

Commissioners had numerous concerns about the concept as it was presented to us. One thing that I brought up is traffic implications.

Whether or not this proposal in some form goes through for this section of town, I am of the opinion that we should turn University Avenue into a pedestrian only space from Webster to High Street. Lytton and Hamilton would need to be converted to one way avenues to deal with normal traffic flow at rush hour times.

This is how Boulder is set up, and my experiences there is that it works quite well. The mall itself has great character, and the adjoining streets seem to handle traffic flow effectively.
Such an idea is not part of the current design for this proposed project.

There are numerous implications that this 27 University project has. From what I heard last night, traffic flow beyond the immediate area has not been analyzed sufficiently. The area is a regional transit hub, but the proposed parking spaces underground clearly imply commuters in autos would be driving to work.
There are strong opinions about this entire idea.

I merely make the modest proposal that we convert University Ave. into the equivalent of Pearl St. Mall in Boulder.

Greater mortals than I will pass muster over 27 University and my suggestion for a University Ave. pedestrian mall.

There are plenty of postings about 27 University. What is your opinion about a University Ave. Mall?