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By Paul Losch

Let Us Praise Hostess Twinkies and Wonder Bread

Uploaded: Nov 16, 2012

The company making these and other products, such as Ho-Ho's and its version of a Cupcake, were part of my growing up.

"Wonder Bread: you wonder if its bread!" It was a major factor in a Jif or Skippy peanut butter (smooth not chunky) and jelly sandwich, along with some Welch's grape jam. And the Wonderbread wrapper was great—it looked like balloons!

What a lucky lunch pail I carried to school in those days. Along with a little box of SunMaid raisins. I bought a carton of milk at school.

I did enjoy the occasional Twinkie, an ersatz sponge bread filled with a faux cream. We had enough real cupcakes baked in my household that the Hostess variety was in a category of its own. I did like Ho-Ho's, a variation on the theme of Twinkies' and Cupcakes.

My business experience suggests that the Hostess company needed to shut down. The key product offerings were obsolete, there did not appear to be a culture that could adapt and develop products that kept up with the times. The key Hostess products lost their allure a long time ago, for parents, kids, and the competition.

I find it regrettable that the company has 18,000 employees who will have to move on from working at a company where they may have limited transferrable skills. Worked on the Ho-Ho line? Not sure what that means when seeking employment in another mass produced bakery organization.

My food shopping practices in recent times have been such that I have not even seen Twinkies or Ho-Ho's on the shelf, let alone purchased them. I think I am a microcosm of many, who once consumed these products, but moved on, and did not pass them along to the next generation.