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By Paul Losch

Divide the State of California

Uploaded: Jul 2, 2012

There is the north, there is the south, and there is the central valley.

What made sense some years ago about a state that consists of such disparate places should be called into question at this time.

IMHO the state of California has gotten past the point of being merely dysfunctional.

I make the modest proposal that the state get divided into three states that can reflect better the views of the people they represent, and not have to deal with other parts of the state, where constituents may have another point of view.

Status quo has not worked for years. J. Brown and Prop 13 got it started, and the California train has been wobbling off the rails for some time.

I take a view that is common in business. There are times when something leads to a reorganization of a company in order to be more effective in how it serves its customers.

I have spent some time in local volunteer government service, and I have an appreciation for how it has challenges that are different than what commercial companies face. That said...

Bottom Line? My assertion is that California is too big and needs to be re-organized. 3 States.