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By Paul Losch

Terrific World Music Day

Uploaded: Jun 18, 2012

Congratulations to Claude Ezran for organizing what is now an annual tradition here in Palo Alto, great job by the volunteers (myself included) in keeping things moving smoothly. Most importantly:


My personal favorite was the Flamenco dancing, and judging by the crowd, it was quite an attraction. And there were so many others, two numerous to name.

This event takes place in numerous cities around the world on the same day, as close to the summer solstice as possible. Hence its taking place June 17 this year.

Stanford commencement actually helped build the participation, and I saw many folks who clearly were here for someone's graduation, and then hit University Avenue to take in some of the performances. Not planned that way, but it worked out well. Those who expressed misgivings about how this all would work out with these two major events taking place on the same day had their concerns dispelled.

This event is the sort of thing that contributes to the character of Palo Alto.