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By Paul Losch

ABAG and Dense Housing in PA

Uploaded: Feb 26, 2012

Our City Council has come down very strongly against the notion of adding denser housing in Palo Alto along key corridors such as El Camino, as the ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments) has called for, not just in Palo Alto, but in other cities on the Peninsula that host many employers as well as residents.

ABAG is trying at a policy level to encourage cities to develop housing that are closer to the jobs.

I still am not entirely clear what City Council is attempting.

There certainly are implications for the schools, and traffic, that would need to be thought through.

But the general idea of having housing available close to where people work makes sense to me.

Palo Alto, Mtn View, Redwood City and San Mateo, among others, are not merely bedroom communities. Thousands of people clog our roads every morning and afternoon driving to and from home to work. Would it be better if they could take a shuttle or bike or walk to their jobs? Or even just drive less distance?

Let's face it, there already are dense community housing projects here recently in PA, ranging from the JCC to Edgewood to Alma Plaza to the Elks Club property.

May I suggest we think of ourselves as a City, not a suburb, or a rarefied enclave?