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By Paul Losch

Re-Organizing How the City of Palo Alto Works

Uploaded: Oct 29, 2011

I am for Measure D, I oppose Measure E. Just so readers know, and do not have to ask. And not the point of my observations here.

However you come down on these two Measures, it is good to have us voters deciding if the laws and labor practices that have been on the books for years are in need of change.

Those of us who have worked in the private sector have experienced "re-organizations." Private companies by their nature must adapt on a regular basis, or they do not thrive. Our public sector organizations, from federal to local, are there to offer stable platforms for our general community and our private sector to ideally thrive in. Too often, the public sector entities have difficulty adapting, for reasons too numerous for me to mention in this brief post, and that can impede the public sector's basic role in supporting the community and the private sector.

Change is difficult. Human nature in general does not embrace, rather, it resists it. There is so much cacophony about public sector change and resistance to same. Arguments and assertions to which I have been exposed suggest huge disingenuity in polemics from parties taking opposite views on various issues. Hard for me to believe any of them.

I find this to be the case with Measures D and E. Eloquent and not so eloquent (usually emotional) assertions by advocates and opponents of each side.

What is good is that we Palo Alto citizens are being asked "is it time to change some arrangements that made sense when they first put into place some years ago, or should we stick with what we have in place?"
Each of us has to answer for ourselves such a question around Measures D and E. I think the question needs to be asked a great deal more around many issues. City staff and City Council can and do address this question as part of their regular duties. The question can be asked about many things here in town that require a vote of the citizenry, and we do not do it enough.