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By Paul Losch

Driving Highway 1 and Alabama

Uploaded: Oct 24, 2011

It is so nice to take a trip from our rarefied world of Palo Alto and head to the Monterey Peninsula.

Take a look on the left driving down Highway One after you get past Aptos, or on the right returning home, as you pass through Watsonville. What do you see?

What I see are some beautiful fields populated with hard working people harvesting crops that grace our farmers markets, our Whole Foods, and our Safeways.

What I don't see from the Highway are all the other groves, orchards and fields where similar activity takes place out of sight of the likes of me, and you.

I also don't understand how farming works, be it in the Salinas Valley or in the State of Alabama.

What I do understand is that Alabama farmers no longer have people to work for them, due to a new law in the state. The Alabama law is intended to deal with illegal immigrants working in the state. It appears that it has resulted in farmers in Alabama not having workers to plant, cultivate and harvest.

"Mercans" not willing to take on those types of jobs in Alabama. And so the farmers fail.

"Give me your tired, your poor" is today misunderstood.