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By Paul Losch

What/Who Is a "Job Creator?"

Uploaded: Sep 19, 2011

Am I the only over-educated slob who owns a small business and is confused by what constitutes a "job creator," and what incentives such a "creator" will most enable such a party to create jobs?

I doubt it.

Here some things that prevent my small business from bringing on more employees:

--cutback in orders from customers, due to cutbacks in purchases from their customers,
--difficulty in maintaining working capital credit to deal with business seasonality--a normal thing that the banks seem to no longer understand in recent economic times.
--absurd costs of various types of insurance, workman's comp and health insurance being the most egregious, but liability and property not far behind
--other overhead such as rent and utlities showing no sign of appreciating supply and demand--less demand? Jack up the rates on the rest of the remaining suckers!
--gaining enough customers to make up for those who have closed in the recent economic times

A pox on all in our nation's capital. The W Administration and the Obama Administration both have talked about helping small business. What did they mean?

My small business will not hire as a result of tax or employment credits. Such things are "downstream" from what it takes to bring on that next employee.

Nor is my small business threatened or compromised by the notion of higher taxes for those who earn over a million dollars a year. I would be delighted to pay more taxes if I were running a small business making such money. Most don't, and most hang on for dear life--owning and running a small business, even a succesful one, does not generate such earnings.

This "job creator" rhetoric has crossed two Administrations, and I don't get it. Who is potentially benefitting from this vapid stuff? I would like to meet such a person.