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By Paul Losch

Bob Dylan and 9/11

Uploaded: Sep 11, 2011

This is a tough day. 10 years.

I am trying to get some perspective, thinking about where I was when the Space Shuttle exploded, Reagan was shot, Nixon resigned, Kennedy was assasinated.

I am too young to remember the death of FDR or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Those events seem to little me not big events, but they were for many, including my parents, from earlier generations.

There is a solemnity in art, expressed in various ways, that transcends any single tragedy.

Listening to reports of the crystal clear blue skies on the day the Twin Towers went down, the explosion of dust and debris that covered NYC for days thereafer, I was reminded that it was not until that Friday, 3 days later, that New York was blessed with some rain.

That rain, at long last, helped the City get past the initial traumas on many levels.

Bob Dylan, a dweebie guy from an obscure Minnesota town, wrote and performed a song 35 years earlier: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." He is a great icon of an era slowly winding down, but that song is so poignant for what we experienced in 2001.

Plenty of ways to access the song on line, along with other gems from a great songwriter. Listen to it.

Some of the 9/11 stuff going on tends toward the maudlin, it was an event that deserves better. Listen to Dylan.