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By Paul Losch

Local Impacts of a Government Shutown

Uploaded: Apr 7, 2011

I will start with the personal, and take it from there.

My soon to be ex-wife is an MD at the VA Medical Center. She is expected to show up for work, as a "critical employee," but she has no idea whether she will get a regular paycheck during that time.

How many of us know people around here in that same situation?

USGS: another earthquake in Japan today. Is it governmont waste worth shutting operations to stop this agency from addressing this issue?

SLAC: what gets disrupted, potentially ruined, due to this Ton Phoolery?

I am of the the belief that Congress and the White House need to address the country's fininacial sitiuaation.

President Obama had a task force which did a great job. The Prez blinked.

We now have a proposal from Congressman Paul Ryan, which is a bad starting place, but is a starting place for future budgets.

But to be in this current confrataion about the current fiscal year is absurd