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By Paul Losch

Facebook Community

Uploaded: Feb 23, 2011

Palo Alto actually shines in comparison to states and countries these days.

We bitch and moan here in PA about traffic and trees.

In other parts of the state and the country, people's livelihoods are in jeopardy. Much of it due to stupid policies elected officials agreed to 20 or more years ago. They had the first chance to kick the proverbial can.

We are at the start of a process where we acknowledge we have a problem, actually a set of problems. They will not be solved easily or in one fell swoop.

I contrast what our local and state governments are faced with and of what transpiring across Northen Africa and countries in the Middle East.

Oppressive regimes are getting challenged, and I sense will get toppled. It is the Facebook generation that is bringing it about. Well educated, underemployed people who view their countries' leadership as working from the past and uninformed about the present, let alone the future.

So how come our Facebook generation isn't engaged in our local communities?