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By Paul Losch

Some Thoughts About Recent Events

Uploaded: Feb 14, 2011

World Event: What is going on in the Middle East reminds me of what transpired in Eastern Europe when Communist regimes fell 20+ years ago. This drama is far from over.

National Event: Does anybody honestly believe that the budget proposed by the Obama Administration and the rhetoric to same by the GOP leadership on Capitol Hill is the stuff of rational people?

California Event: Gov. Jerry Brown, unlike Arnold, is not a cheerleader, as he indicated in his proposed budget. I do not understand all the nuances of what he proposes, but I give him credit for attempting to take face on a very bad state financial situation.

Peninsula Event: CalTrain. We need to figure this one out. It is a valuable part of our transportation infrastructure and needs to be supported effectively. The current structure clearly is not working, but paring back its service offering as has been described in the media is the wrong cure for CalTrain's disease.

Palo Alto Event: the Wellbeing of our High School age kids. I have some involvement in this matter in my capacity as a CPA Parks and Recreation Commissioner. There is a great deal of effort, thinking, and action by many people and officials in the community to ascertain how at risk students are not taking their lives or other dangerous behaviors. And this is very difficult stuff. When we lost another Paly student a few weeks ago, I just felt helpless.