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By Paul Losch

Generations and Public Affairs

Uploaded: Jan 23, 2011

I am an NPR (National Public Radio) junkie. I also am a PA Online junkie, but the two have different missions.

My son and daughter are at their early adulthood years. Both profess to not follow the "News," and my son has told me he will not listen to KQED-FM (radio station that does a ton of stuff from NPR) because it was all he heard growing up in my household. (Due to me.)

My daughter, presently in China as a Junior year abroad college student, told me in an e-mail that she does not follow the News. Her response was from an e-mail I sent her about the horrible flooding in Queensland, Australia, which is a place she and I spent time when she was in middle school.

I don't think I am alone in my experiences with my kids. And it bothers me.

They present lack of interest and awareness in stuff that has an impact on their lives. Who do you vote for? How do you engage with issues and propositions?

Some of this may be that the way people in that cohort get their information in a different way. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google are obvious examples. But the medium is less important than how it is used, what content is developed and sought? Posting on a Facebook wall about a personal activity is not the same as reading the NYT Op/Ed on line.

What has me concerned is that my 2 kids, educated in Palo Alto and going to good colleges, exemplify their cohort. They had great educations, and are indifferent to matters of society.

What do you think/feel?

Rule of engagement on this post--this is not about me or how I raised my kids, who both are fine people. Ad hominem critiques on my child rearing experience is not the issue, so don't post on this blog unless you have some ideas about this new generation and how they get informed.