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By Paul Losch

HSR Get Nationwide Rejection

Uploaded: Nov 12, 2010

We in the Peninsula, the Bay Area, or California are not alone in our skepticism about High Speed Rail.

I am an NPR listener and there was a feature on its Friday evening news program about HSR concepts in other parts of the country, such as Florida, points connecting to Chicago, among others.

All the elected leaders affected by HSR in their jurisdictions expressed at a minimum misgivings, and in some case outright opposition to HSR. None fvored it.

The concept is great, it works well in places where there is dense popualtion. Other than the US eastern corridor, it won't "fly."

The Obama Administration seems to have blinders on about this concept, just wanting to fund unviable projects all over the country even when people push back.

I am a far cry from a Tea Party guy, but as far as High Speed Rail is concerned here locally and apparently around the country, make mine Earl Gray.