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By Paul Losch

Odd or Even Years for PA Elections? Measure S

Uploaded: Oct 7, 2010

Should there continue to be the practice in Palo Alto that local issues and choices of City and School District candidates take place on odd numbered years, rather than being included in the even numbered years general ballots that include candidates from the President of the United State on down?
As best as I can tell, the people favoring Prop S, which would move the local issues and candidates voting to be part of the larger ballot such as what we are about to deal with, are advocating it as a cost savings measure.
As best as I can tell, those opposing Prop S are providing the point of view that voters will be better focused and able to get more information is they are not also dealing with all the stuff that we get in even numbered years, from General Election information.
I lean with the opponents.
I get accused at times as being a Palo Alto insider. I may be guilty as charged, but I lived here for many years before I got to know those people who do paid and sworn volunteer work on behalf of Palo Alto.
The more I learn, the more I take the point of view that too many of us were like me, not really knowing the issues Palo Alto faces. We live in a wonderful community, and also in an important globally significant City.
It may cost CPA a little more money, and I think it is worth it. NO on S