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By Paul Losch

Supporting Small Businesses in the US?

Uploaded: Sep 13, 2010

Am I the only one who is totally confused about what it takes and who supports at a policy level initiatives to support the success of small businesses in this country?

"W" talked it up while he was President, Obama now espouses it. Both sides of the aisle in Congress claim they have proposals that will help the country's small businesses.

From my perspective as a small business owner, it all is BS.
God bless the "small" business owners that earn over $250,000 a year. I have a thimble that I will put them in. Statistics suggest $35-50K a year is a better measure of what people who run small businesses are taking home.

My small business does not benefit from tax credits in order to hire more people. My small business benefits from building its customer base.

The complicating factor for small businesses like mine is that the credit needed to deal with new customers and orders is simply not there. Banks are not lending, so we cannot order and finish product that must be paid for before we can invoice or get factoring funding.

I did not like Bush and I am getting tired of Obama. They both talked a "game," neither a "good game," but little or nothing has genuinely happened. Congress seems to be spinning precariously with each side of the aisle claiming they have the solution for small businesses, but neither gets my support based on what they say.
Between the White House and Capitol Hill, it appears to this small business owner that they are all hat and no cattle. Claiming to want to help small businesses is becoming a moniker along the lines of "supporting our troops." No one can disagree with it, but what is genuinely being done?