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By Paul Losch

Carly Won't Get Votes From HP'ers

Uploaded: Sep 2, 2010

I had a fun discussion with an acquaintance last weekend. She once worked at HP, and still does some consulting for the company. Interestingly, she also has consulted at Meg Whitman's old company, EBay.

She made a comment that the people she knows and works with at both places will not vote for Carly for US Senator or Meg for Governor. Boiling down a complex discussion to its essence: both were unpleasant to work for. Carly was especially criticized for how she ran HP, less of that with Meg.

All this is purely anecdotal, but many of us have friends and neighbors who work at both places. I hear more of the HP story, and from others around Carly, and she clearly was, to put it mildly, a polarizing figure. For those that heard her "debate" Barbara Boxer (for whom I hold little regard,) it is pretty clear that she has some vulnerabilities on policy questions, and her track record.

Meg was a very effective CEO at EBay and I don't have any close contacts at that company, so the comment by my acquaintance surprised me a bit, but I can see it could be the case. Most people I know around town and elsewhere are very tired of Meg's media overkill. Meg is a former Procter and Gamble brand manager who now is peddling Brand Meg, to excess in the opinion of many I talk with.

I remember in the mid-1970's, a mediocre incumbent Senator, John Tunney, ran for re-election and lost to former SF State U President SI Hayakawa, who was a equally mediocre choice for a US Senate seat.

Between Brown and Boxer, Meg and Carly, the bar once again is set pretty low.

As one very witty friend of mine put it: "I will vote against the evil of two lessers."