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By Paul Losch

Put CA High Speed Rail to Death

Uploaded: Aug 13, 2010

I think it is too late, unfornately, for a ballot measure to be part of this November's election, but we need ASAP need to put this High Speed Rail in California to sleep.

I don't like the death penalty when it comes to people, for a variety of reasons.

I do like the death penalty when it comes to bad animals and equally bad ideas.

We need to get a fork into CHSRA as soon as we can. I am not sure that there is a State-wide organization that is set up to deal with the detailed advocacies of the CHRSA, such as bogus market research and preliminary above grade design concepts. Even if there is, we need to kill the beast, not the specifics.

I know that leadership in Menlo Park, Atherton, with some back-up from Palo Alto are challenging this thing legally and also trying to work with CHSRA leadership.

It is a waste of time.

Take a Sand Hill Road view of this thing: exciting concept, partial funding from elsewhere (USG), has not provided substantial returns where it has been attmempted previously (Europe,) not clear it will create new markets or replace existing ones, especially road and air travel.

What I think is needed is an organized effort at the State level to get this effort ended before it takes on more money and blather.