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By Paul Losch

High Speed Rail Disconnects

Uploaded: Jul 29, 2010

Off goes a "marketing team" from the HSR Authority to Washington, DC to "spin" a survey that shows potential patrons of a North/South artery of HSR favor it. While the formula of the survey itself can be called into question, only 34% of those surveyed favored HSR. The vast plurality (42%) liked the concept in principal (as do I!) but needed some assurance it will "pencil out." That leaves about 1/4 who oppose it.

I worked as a marketing guy in some fairly well known corporations earlier in my career. If I had numbers like this, I would not even have asked for a meeting. It would have killed my career to ask for money with such findings. Actually, I would have asked for a meeting, with a request to kill the project or product concept.

CHRSA is in denial. This ain't gonna happen, and they flail around like some drowning swimmer. And I am not just talking about the SF Peninsula portion of the project. The entire concept makes no policy sense and is under the leadership that will be a failure in its implementation were it to come to pass.