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By Paul Losch

How About A Mosque In Palo Alto?

Uploaded: Jul 22, 2010

I am totally repulsed by the objections to the buidling of mosques in varioous places around the United States being reported recently in the national press.

There are numerous denominations here in Palo Alto, although I think I am correct in stating that there is not a physical Islamic place of worship, despite the many people here in town who count themselves among that tradition.

Just as there are variations in Christianity, Judiasm, and other beliefs, there is in Islam, so one mosque may not meet the faith needs of all Muslims who are part of this community.

Places as disparate as Lower Manhattan and rural Tennessee have people protesting the notion of mosques being built to serve the Islamic communities of those areas. Even my "favorite" cheerleader, Sarah Palin, has chosen to provide another poorly informed opinion on the matter.

So here is my modest proposal: let's support the leaders of the Muslim community here in Palo Alto to help them establish a bona fide physical presence here. Mainly because it will benefit the community of Palo Alto.

And because it will send a signal that is 180 degrees opposite of what is going on elsewhere in this country.