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By Paul Losch

Sarah Palin at CSU Stanlislaus

Uploaded: Jul 16, 2010

I find Ms. Palin to be cut out of the same cloth of Huey Long, George Wallace, and other such populists who presently call themselves "Tea Partiers." Which means I do not hold her in high regard.

For a fee of $75,000, former Gov. Palin gave a speech at a fundraiser at CSU Stanislaus that according to reports raised $207,000. I know little or nothing about political or higher education fundraising, but this strikes me as a pretty poor return on investment.

She invoked in her address Ronald Reagan, and how he had attended Eureka College in California, which does not exist. The Eureka College Reagan attended is in Illinois. Where are her fact checkers?

Then there is the on again/off again (pardon the double entendre) engagement between her daughter Bristol and Levi Johnston, who share as teenagers a child born out of wedlock, and now are engaged again to be married after a fairly visible and not very pretty breakup and publicity that attended it. Her family has not displayed the ethic of "family values" that typically attend the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

I fail to comprehend why Ms. Palin is such a star attraction on a national scale. She is uninformed, has a family that has out of wedlock children, commands huge sums of money for very limited return.

Is this the sort of leadership and fundraising that the GOP needs? No.

Palin is acting like a rock star, and is taking advantage WHILE she can. For herself. Not the GOP

Good for her. She can build a cabin on the Behring Straits that truly does have a view of the land of Russia.

If she chooses to go again for a national office, she will flame out in no time. There have been many nitwits in such candiciies over the years, and she is several notches down in, knowlesge, compentency and behavior from most of them. Either party.

She has major personal baggage, major incompentcy, and as best as I can tell, no real clear piolicy platform, just a bunch of sound bites.
I am truly staggered that Palin has lasted this long. Tea Party Folks may be looking for a beacon, I perceive Palin as being opportunistic, not a thought leader.

I am reminded of the movie from the 1980's: Being There