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By Paul Losch

Out of Touch, In Touch

Uploaded: May 23, 2010

Palo Alto City Government at long last is confronting fiscal realities.

It is not unique to this town, it has been an elephant in many rooms city and state wide for at least several years.
In Palo Alto, here's who is out of touch:

--The leadership of the fire fighter's union

--the NIMBY's who oppose just about anything that changes their current way of life

--the commercial property owners who charge unrealistic rents to retailers, and then let their spaces sit vacant instead of lowering their rates

Here's who is in touch:

--Those in town that want things they value, such as Children's Theater, to become self-sustaining.

--Those concerned about how our kids get to and from school

--High Speed Rail Opponents

I am providing my list. There are many more which others can provide.

Who is in touch? Who is out of touch?