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By Paul Losch

Willie Mays, Local Baseball Hero

Uploaded: Apr 30, 2010

I love baseball.

Willie Mays played for the Giants when I was a Bay Area kid, and he was rightly an icon.

There is a new biography about him that just has come out. I have heard the writer of the biography interviewed on radio a couple times, and Willie seems to be promoting it too. (If his showing up on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is to be considered a promotional interview.)

Willie is our Atherton neighbor, and what a wonderful neighbor to have.

What can we remember about him as a Giant? I only have seen it on video, I was too young at the time, but his over the shoulder catch and then throwing the baseball to home plate to get a runner out is a classic.

How about a thread getting started about memorable things that we have experienced with Willie Mays or the Giants in general?

I for one could use a little break from the usual things that require our attention.