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By Paul Losch

DC Beltway Noise

Uploaded: Mar 31, 2010

In a way, I miss W. My personal point of view about the man and his Presidency is niether here nor there, but he was pretty consistent and predictable in his policies. Good or bad, right or wrong.

This POTUS, Obama, is a different character. He clearly is very smart intellectually, is more a pragmatist than an idealogue.

The DC Beltway noise resonates in these days much less consistently.

Now, let's look at the GOP, especially the Senate.

They are led by Mitch McConnell, who was described by one pundit as the Lex Luthor to Superman. Works for me.

Allow new offshore drilling
Send 36,000 more troops to Afghnistan
USG makes money on Citbank shares the government bought and is starting to sell
Using drones to kill enemies we have along the Afghan/Pakistan border

Not a peep from the Republicans in office about these things. Why is that? IMHO, it is because they find it inconvenient to acknowledge that this guy down the Avenue is not a doctrinaire left winger, but actually has made a number of decisions which they support.

It is different to govern than it is to campaign. I criticize the Republicans for the last year for doing more of the latter and not enough of the former. Making selective choices about what are the "issues" and then having the temerity to clam to represent "the American People." It's BS