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By Paul Losch

Time at the Coffee Bars in PA

Uploaded: Mar 27, 2010

Each workday, I stop on my way to work in Fremont to one of a handful of Palo Alto coffee places to pick up a brew.

I take a "half caf" which helps me get my day started and does not have me walking along the ceiling due to the caf-jolt.

I observe more and more people working on their laptops, doing Sudoku, not there to socialize with another person (this still goes on, but has less "market share")

A sign of the times. I would be interested in what others' impressions are, but my take is that these are people who largely are capable and out of work, and just get the hell out of the house as they did when they had a job to go to, instead of staying put in their homes.

But for the grace of a higher power, there go many more of us.