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By Paul Losch

Irresponsible Israel

Uploaded: Mar 14, 2010

This has nothing to do with being Jewish or Muslim. It has to do with sovereign states acting responsibly.

The State of Israel is a bully. It treats the Palestinians like dogs, and pretend to be on the defense when there is retaliation.

Provocative acts such as adding more housing in territory that is acknowledged as part of a Palestinian State is something that would be rejected in this country by a Planning Commission or local court, no need to take it to a national or international level.

Of course the United States should stand by the country of Israel. That is not the same as standing by the country of Israel's policies and practices that are not leading to progress with the people of Palestine. VP Biden and Secretary of State Clinton did the right thing this past week by publicly making it known to the Israeli leadership that there is a distinction between our country's support of Israel and the policies it pursues.