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By Paul Losch

A Different College Spring Break

Uploaded: Mar 7, 2010

My daughter, a PALY grad who now is attending a fine college in New England, related to me her Spring Break plans for later this month.

Cancun? Florida? Other places known to cater to hedonism and raging hormones of college students? No.

I don't think I can list the entire itinerary, but she and a number of fellow "Quidditch" players (yes, as in the Harry Potter series) will be traveling between Montreal and Washington, DC during their Spring Break competing in Quidditch contests.

I am not naïve enough to think that there will not be various forms of hanky panky, and I trust my daughter to make appropriate judgments for herself at this point in her life.

But what a hoot that this book and movie series now has led to an intramural college game that has such traction that it is a Spring Break program!

Don't think it will do much for those who want to tan.