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By Paul Losch

Tragedy at Holocaust Museum--Bay Area Implications

Uploaded: Jun 11, 2009

This one really hit home. I am not Jewish, but a Jewish friend of mine and I were at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco to take in the excellent exhibit on display right now around the Russian Jewish Theater in the early part of the 20th Century, and the artist Marc Chagall's involvement in it. It is fascinating and well done, I learned a great deal about a part of history and culture, as did my friend.

We were patted down and "wanded" by plain clothes security people before we entered the museum. I was happy to cooperate, but was aksing myself "Is this necessary?

Unfortunately, I think we all learned that the answer to my question is "Yes."

Some old angry man killed a security guard at the DC museum that is a must see--the Holocaust Museum. I get to DC off and on, and this was one of the most memorable museum experiences I have had there.

I could have easily been standing in line waiting to get into the SF museum this weekend and some nut case could have pulled the same stunt.

I refuse to live my life in paranoia, but I can understand why people with a Jewish heritage in this country have to be watchful in ways that others of us don't as a consequence of what took place this week in DC.

Let alone in history...