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Cars 3
Whole star Whole star Whole star
Cars 3 Pixar's animated films never fail to be about something -- story and theme integrated to have an emotional effect on viewers young and old in a way that sets the films apart from their many competitors. "Cars 2," released in 2011, was a notable excep...... Read the full review

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"DAPL Rally/March"
A rally on the Dakota Access Pipeline in front of Palo Alto City Hall. Submitted by Linda Lopez Otero on Feb 21, 2017

A&E Features

As a veteran of comedy and music festivals, talk/game show/podcast host and comedian Chris Hardwick has participated in and attended many of these gatherings. But there hasn't been one yet that brings together the many interests he has as an omnivorous pop-culture enthusiast. So he created the ID10T Music Festival + Comic Conival, which debuts Saturday and Sunday (June 24-25) at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. Wednesday, 11:01 AM

Shop Talk: Timberland, Fast Tony's Chicken to open
In this week's Shop Talk column, Timberland comes to Stanford Shopping Center and Palo Alto gets a new fried chicken eatery but loses a fast-casual pizza joint. Thursday, 11:12 AM

Pretty on the outside
The recently reopened British Bankers Club in Menlo Park has all the elements of a destination restaurant, except for the food itself. Thursday, 11:17 AM | 1 comments

Mrs. Robinson 'graduates' to the stage
Palo Alto Players presents "The Graduate," Terry Johnson's stage adaptation of Mike Nichols' award-winning 1967 film, which is in turn based on an obscure 1964 novel by Charles Webb. The Palo Alto Players production, the show's first time on the Peninsula, borrows from both film and novel, adding new elements as well Wednesday, 11:34 AM

Palo Alto public art honored

Sweets for beating the heat

Roll over, Beethoven

Diversity, gender and all that jazz