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Palo Alto school board to discuss $2 million in staff, program additions

Citing the improving economy and additional property tax revenues, school district staff is proposing a total of $2,086,941...

Original post made on Mar. 31, 2015
Last comment by musical, 58 minutes ago | 49 comments | 2514 Views


— Where is the 'equal opportunity and freedom of speech' in the spirit of PaloAltoOnline? — The simple question here is: Does PaloAltoOnline support fascism crimes? — If PaloAltoOnline have to choose, please choose wisely;

I can't believe it when I recently saw for the first time that in a 2012 PaloAltoOnline blog titled 'Who is Peter Cao Ming...

Original post made by Peter_Cao_Ming on Apr. 2, 2015
Last comment by Peter_Cao_Ming, 1 hour ago | 12 comments | 24 Views


The Weekly's request for donations

I received the Weekly's letter today asking me to make a donation to "support journalism". Before I write a check, I have...

Original post made by Bill G on Jun. 30, 2011
Last comment by Bill Johnson, 2 hours ago | 5 comments | 2164 Views


PAUSD leadership crisis: the new nadir

"Something needs to be done," McGee said Tuesday. "We're in a crisis situation." It appears that Max McGee has been reading...

Original post made by Throw the bums out on Mar. 31, 2015
Last comment by Honeymooned, 2 hours ago | 7 comments | 267 Views


PAMF docs: What we can do to reduce risk for our teens

The pediatricians of Palo Alto Medical Foundation are deeply saddened by the local recent events. The loss of a young person's...

Original post made on Mar. 20, 2015
Last comment by Parent, 2 hours ago | 252 comments | 14855 Views


Paly school board rep: 'The sorrows of young Palo Altans'

My stress began in elementary school, where students were segregated into separate class meetings as "early" and "late" readers,...

Original post made on Mar. 25, 2015
Last comment by Paly Alum, 2 hours ago | 476 comments | 192501 Views


Gov. Jerry Brown orders mandatory reduction in water usage

Gov. Jerry Brown today issued an executive order for statewide mandatory water use reductions, the first-ever order in California's...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by CrescentParkAnon., 2 hours ago | 13 comments | 1905 Views


Paly teacher burned in science-experiment accident

A Palo Alto High School teacher suffered first- and second-degree burns after a fire broke out during a science experiment...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by Alphonso, 2 hours ago | 4 comments | 1816 Views


With a sense of urgency, board approves mental health funding

Facing what multiple board members and the superintendent called a public health crisis at Palo Alto's two high schools,...

Original post made on Mar. 31, 2015
Last comment by Reason, 3 hours ago | 86 comments | 4066 Views


Parisian nail salon to replace Fresh Market

A chain of organic nail salons that has taken Paris by storm will be moving into the space recently vacated by Fresh Market...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by Denise, 4 hours ago | 32 comments | 4137 Views


Former Apple store to be razed; combo farm-restaurant planned

Capitalizing on the farm-to-table movement, billionaire philanthropist John Arrillaga is planning to demolish the former...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2014
Last comment by CrescentParkAnon., 5 hours ago | 40 comments | 13741 Views


Where is the Frog Fountain?

This weekend I noticed that the whimsical frog fountain at the Stanford Shopping Center is gone, and seems not to have been...

Original post made by Nora Charles on Aug. 31, 2014
Last comment by Nora Charles, 5 hours ago | 5 comments | 434 Views


Palo Alto adopts water-use restrictions

With drought conditions continuing to plague the state, Palo Alto officials swiftly passed a resolution Monday restricting...

Original post made on Aug. 5, 2014
Last comment by Bob McGrew, 5 hours ago | 21 comments | 6818 Views


'Troubling' cheating allegations at Stanford

Stanford University officials are investigating allegations of a high number of students engaging in cheating, according...

Original post made on Mar. 30, 2015
Last comment by xPA, 7 hours ago | 28 comments | 4264 Views


Police: Suspicions of theft triggered Palo Alto's murder-suicide

The Palo Alto man who police said fatally shot the apartment manager at the Alta Torre Apartments before killing himself...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by Resident, 9 hours ago | 7 comments | 2087 Views


Downtown garage makes an 'iconic' statement in Palo Alto

With its glassy facade, its arch shape and its ambiance of silent elegance, Palo Alto's iconic new garage is like no other...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by Maria, 9 hours ago | 18 comments | 3798 Views


Filoli's Cynthia D'Agosta addresses volunteer agreement issue

Filoli's beleaguered executive director, Cynthia D'Agosta, has released a statement in which she apologizes to volunteers...

Original post made on Mar. 30, 2015
Last comment by Volunteer, 9 hours ago | 5 comments | 3340 Views


Stanford graduate student accused of poisoning lab mates

A Stanford University graduate medical student faces charges of poisoning her fellow lab mates in a series of incidents that...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by Wife of M.D., 9 hours ago | 8 comments | 5162 Views


California Avenue construction now set for 2017 completion

In what some might call a Public Works mea culpa, Palo Alto officials are embarking on a new $7.2 million streetscape project...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by sheri, 10 hours ago | 15 comments | 2213 Views


Controversial moratorium takes effect in Palo Alto

With residents raving mad about new developments transforming a once vibrant downtown transforming into a bland "monoculture,"...

Original post made on Apr. 1, 2015
Last comment by lol, 10 hours ago | 10 comments | 2031 Views
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