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Tuesday, August 19

Mens Soccer
7 p.m.
Cal State Bakersfield at Stanford

Friday, August 22

Womens Soccer
4 p.m.
Stanford at North Carolina

Saturday, August 23

Mens Soccer
7 p.m.
St. Mary's at Stanford

Sunday, August 24

Womens Soccer
10 a.m.
Stanford vs. Duke at North Carolina

Friday, August 29

Mens Soccer
5 p.m.
Stanford at Creighton

Womens Volleyball
5 p.m.
Stanford at Iowa State

Saturday, August 30

Mens Cross Country
9 a.m.
Stanford at USF Invitational Golden Gate Park

Womens Cross Country
10 a.m.
Stanford at USF Invitational Golden Gate Park

Mens Football
1 p.m.
UC Davis at Stanford

Womens Soccer
7 p.m.
Stanford at Portland

Sunday, August 31

Womens Volleyball
11 a.m.
Stanford at Nebraska

Mens Soccer
5 p.m.
Stanford at Nebraska Omaha

Monday, January 18

Varsity Mens Baseball
10:30 p.m. tryouts
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JV Boys Field Hockey
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JV Boys Football
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Varsity Boys Gymnastics
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JV Boys Baseball
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Mens Rugby
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