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Friday, February 12, 2016

Recent home sales: prices paid, sizes of homes

The largest home on this week's list of property sales was in Los Altos Hills -- a 3,924 square foot house built in 1983.

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Sales at a glance: a summary of sales by city

The widest range in prices of home sales listed in this week's column occurred in Mountain View, where the least expensive home sold for $528,000 and the most expensive sold for $2.165 million.

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Saving water and blooming all year round

Water-wise gardens, popular during the drought, do not have to be a colorless compromise, according to Roberta Barnes, who teaches science-based gardening in Palo Alto. Planned right, they can be a great source of year-round blooms.

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Real Estate Matters

Just after sunset in mid-January, my colleague and I were seated at a square, maple-colored table located near the entrance of the Starbucks on California Avenue, waiting to meet with a potential client.

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Home Front

This week's Home Front column features a Spring Plant Clinic, a hands-on fruit tree workshop and volunteers fixing bicycles, clothing and computers during the next Repair Café.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Sales at a glance: real estate highs and lows

This week's summary of property sales in the Palo Alto area shows homes going for less than $1 million in four of five local cities.

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Recent home sales: Portola Valley to Mountain View

The big sale in Mountain View on this week's list was a 29,600 square foot lot with a home in the Martens-Carmelita neighborhood, which went for $3,600,000.

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Decorating for the Lunar New Year

To more than 9,000 Palo Alto residents of Chinese descent, February can be as festive as December. Only a few weeks after removing the Christmas tree, some decorate the living room in a completely different way for Lunar New Year.

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Real Estate Matters

A strong local tech economy, low inventory and multiple layers of demand were among many factors that continued to support property prices in Palo Alto. What's the outlook for this year? Is the tide finally going to turn?

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Home Front

This week's Home Front column features an educational neighborhood stroll through Downtown North, a rose care workshop and talk on the importance of bees.

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