13th Annual Palo Alto Weekly Photo Contest
Third Place, Manipulated Images


"Josh Lay Pitching"
By Deven Hickingbotham

About Deven Hickingbotham

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The fluid motion of an athlete is an art form in numerous ways. Deven Hickingbotham, 47, illustrates transformation in time through his photograph of a baseball pitcher taken in May 2003 at noon.

"It would make a good action sequence," Hickingbotham said of his inspiration. "It's a continuous, smooth action."

Hickingbotham was able to capture this movement with his Nikon F100 camera. After taking the photos, he scanned them and used Photoshop to create the overlay.

He wanted to show the entire motion a pitcher goes through upon his delivery. In the end, he noticed a second aspect of the photograph that he had not intended.

"I liked the way, when I ended, how the feet interacted," said Hickingbotham. "It was like they were dancing."

Hickingbotham, a software developer, is a 20-year resident of Palo Alto.

--Jaime Marconette


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