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Friday, October 31, 2014

Shop Talk: Grocer Miki Werness may make a comeback

Four new hotels scheduled to open, grocer Miki Werness is part of College Terrace Centre deal and the Nike store reopens.

Friday, 8:55 AM | 5 comments
PHOTOS: Halloween Trick-or-Treat and Carnival

There were more than goblins and ghouls haunting last Sunday's Halloween Trick-or-Treat and Carnival on California Avenue in Palo Alto.

Friday, 8:54 AM | No comments yet
California Avenue construction hits merchants hard

Merchants who are struggling through the dust and noise of the California Avenue Streetscape Project have lost as much as 25 percent of sales, they said earlier this week.

Friday, 7:38 AM | 3 comments
Palo Alto seeks to shield retailers from office boom

Seeking to protect neighborhood-serving retailers from the recent boom in office development, Palo Alto is considering a range of new zoning policies, including ones that would restrict commercial densities downtown and limit chain stores on California Avenue.

Friday, 7:37 AM | 8 comments

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Palo Alto's Bowman International School purchases nearby property

Palo Alto's independent Bowman International School has purchased a 0.6-acre property just up the road, with plans to expand its current programming and house a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) lab.

Thursday, 3:19 PM | 1 comment
Palo Alto: School district's OCR spending tops $366,000

The Palo Alto school district has spent a total of more than $366,000 in outside legal fees on Office for Civil Rights-related issues since late 2011, when the first of 11 discrimination complaints was filed through the federal agency, according to data presented by Superintendent Max McGee at the Oct. 28 board meeting.

Thursday, 1:58 PM | 17 comments
VA tree-clearing taking place near Bol Park in Palo Alto

Joggers, cyclists and residents in the Barron Park neighborhood are concerned about a tree-clearing project that has removed 400 feet of trees and shrubs near the Bol Park bicycle path.

Thursday, 9:57 AM | 12 comments
Stanford students join in national sexual-assault protest

An almost funeral-like procession of about 100 somber Stanford University students marched from White Plaza to the Main Quad in complete silence Wednesday afternoon, carrying dorm mattresses above their heads in symbolic solidarity with survivors of sexual violence.

Thursday, 9:13 AM | 2 comments
Stanford doctor in voluntary quarantine

A Stanford physician who recently returned from Liberia has voluntarily gone into quarantine, and the university has announced precautions barring faculty, students and medical professionals who have traveled to areas affected by the Ebola virus from campus for 21 days after they return home.

Thursday, 7:53 AM | 7 comments

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Businesses to drive city's new traffic-fighting nonprofit

As Palo Alto prepares to launch new shuttles, impose downtown parking restrictions and offer other incentives for commuters to ditch their cars, officials are also planting the seeds for a new nonprofit organization that will ultimately oversee these efforts.

Wednesday, 11:00 PM | 19 comments
Stanford doctor quarantined after West Africa trip

Stanford University physician Dr. Colin Bucks has been placed on a voluntary 21-day quarantine following a trip to West Africa to aid Ebola patients, county health officials have announced. He is staying home and has shown no symptoms of the potentially deadly virus, they said.

Wednesday, 6:37 PM | 12 comments
Stanford apologizes to voters for 'election guide'

Stanford University is investigating an independent academic research study conducted by Stanford and Dartmouth College political science professors who sent official-looking informational mailers to 100,000 Montana voters just weeks before Election Day.

Wednesday, 9:09 AM | 6 comments
State launches Halloween crackdown on underage drinking

California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is ramping up its statewide efforts to reduce the number of minors injured or killed in crashes or incidents involving alcohol this Halloween.

Wednesday, 8:26 AM | 1 comment

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

East Palo Alto: Two men injured in shooting, no arrests made

Two men were injured in a shooting in East Palo Alto this evening, a police sergeant said.

Tuesday, 8:29 PM | No comments yet
Former police dispatcher sues Palo Alto VA

A former public-safety dispatcher for the VA Palo Alto has filed a lawsuit against the Palo Alto Department of Veterans Affairs for racial discrimination and intimidation after he attempted to report alleged police brutality by one of the officers, according to court documents.

Tuesday, 2:01 PM | 3 comments
Construction firm threatens to take Palo Alto school district to trial

While Palo Alto High School students were finally able to make full use of a new classroom building and just-completed Media Arts Center at the start of this school year, the school district continues to be embroiled in a $3.5 million lawsuit filed by the construction company that built both facilities.

Tuesday, 9:19 AM | 21 comments
Palo Alto school board to discuss K-5 writing, hear OCR update

Palo Alto's kindergarten through fifth-grade students were assessed this year through a new districtwide writing prompt, created as a result of intensive writing-focused teacher professional development in the last two years.

Tuesday, 7:44 AM | 3 comments
Plan to expand Palo Alto's shuttle program speeds ahead

Seeking to reduce car congestion, Palo Alto officials approved on Monday night a plan to dramatically expand the city's shuttle fleet and signaled that bolder changes might be around the corner.

Tuesday, 1:03 AM | 22 comments

Monday, October 27, 2014

Palo Alto settles suit over affordable housing

After five years of litigation, Palo Alto officials on Monday reached an agreement with a developer who challenged a city policy that requires new developments to include affordable-housing units.

Monday, 10:21 PM | 11 comments
Oldest University of the Pacific alum gives back in a big way

George Knoles, a historian whose family played an important role in the University of the Pacific's past, gave $303,000 to a graduate student scholarship at his alma mater just days before he died in his Palo Alto home on Aug. 27 at the age of 107, according to a press release.

Monday, 3:35 PM | 2 comments
Stanford student reports sexual assault

A female Stanford University student reported early Sunday morning that she may have been drugged and sexually assaulted, campus police said.

Monday, 10:24 AM | 1 comment
Scharff beefs up campaign chest for final stretch

Heading into the final stretch before Election Day, incumbent City Councilman Greg Schaff has nearly doubled his campaign chest, thanks in part to a few large checks and a $25,000 loan to his own campaign.

Monday, 9:57 AM | 7 comments
Ken Dauber, Catherine Crystal Foster maintain campaign finance leads

With almost one week left until Election Day, Palo Alto school board candidates Ken Dauber and Catherine Crystal Foster still lead in campaign contributions.

Monday, 8:15 AM | 2 comments

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Palo Alto police arrest man in alleged sexual assault

Palo Alto police have arrested a Palo Alto man who allegedly battered and sexually assaulted his live-in girlfriend on Sunday morning.

Sunday, 4:52 PM | 1 comment
Palo Alto fourth-grader with Down syndrome wins self-advocacy award

Since first grade, Dashiell Meier has been an advocate, speaking to Palo Alto elementary school classrooms about his experience as a person with disabilities.

Sunday, 9:40 AM | 14 comments
Old Palo Alto residents create Halloweens to remember

Old Palo Alto attract masses of people each year due to its carnival-like atmosphere. The theatrical Halloween tradition has spread throughout the neighborhood.

Sunday, 9:40 AM | 15 comments

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ramping up at Mitchell Park Library in Palo Alto

The City of Palo Alto took local media on a guided tour Thursday of the new 56,332-square-foot Mitchell Park Library and Community Center, a project whose opening has been anticipated for two-and-a-half years.

Saturday, 9:35 AM | 7 comments
Palo Alto mom launches app to help kids lose weight

Joanna Strober's 11-year-old son had a weight problem. Looking for advice and specific weight-loss tools, she took her son to see his pediatrician, who didn't offer much besides "exercise more, eat less," Strober said.

Saturday, 9:34 AM | 12 comments

Friday, October 24, 2014

East Palo Alto man arrested after allegedly peeping into motel window

Palo Alto police arrested a man on Thursday, Oct. 23, for allegedly peeping into a motel window while parents were changing the clothes of their two young daugthers, according to a police department press release.

Friday, 3:00 PM | 1 comment
PUBLIC AGENDA: Sterling Park litigation, Cubberley Community Center lease

A preview of Palo Alto government meetings for the week of Oct. 27.

Friday, 11:24 AM | No comments yet
Downtown residents split over parking-permit program

As Palo Alto prepares to launch its long-awaited Residential Parking Permit Program, residents in the congested downtown neighborhoods are almost evenly split about the ambitious effort, which would require drivers to buy permits to park on residential streets.

Friday, 9:06 AM | 39 comments
Palo Alto schools mark Unity Day

A visit to any one of Palo Alto's 17 schools Thursday would have shown their own version of events to celebrate Unity Day, a nationwide bullying awareness campaign created in 2006 by the National Bullying Prevention Center.

Friday, 8:51 AM | 8 comments
New direction proposed for Palo Alto's shuttle program

Palo Alto's tiny fleet of city-run shuttle buses may soon see a dramatic expansion, including a doubling of buses on the popular Crosstown route and a brand new service that would link the downtown Caltrain station with Mountain View businesses.

Friday, 8:44 AM | 10 comments
Government officials attempt to influence aircraft regulations

Palo Alto and other government officials have so far been fighting an uphill battle to decrease airplane noise over their cities. For nearly 20 years, Palo Alto officials have been trying to join the San Francisco International Airport Community Roundtable, a group that represents 19 cities within San Mateo County; San Francisco and San Mateo counties; the San Francisco Airport Commission; and The Association of Governments of San Mateo County Airport Land Use Committee.

Friday, 8:24 AM | 7 comments
Residents have growing concerns over small commuter planes

Fledgling airline Surf Air's marketing slogan is "Disruptive Innovation -- A Revolutionary Approach to Air Travel." Some residents in Menlo Park, Redwood City and Atherton say it sums up their experience with the commuter airline's turbo-propeller planes.

Friday, 8:23 AM | 26 comments
Residents, city officials gear up to fight increased airplane noise

Angry local residents say the Midpeninsula's skies are turning into an aeronautic superhighway and that federal levels for acceptable noise, which date to the 1970s, are obsolete and need to be updated -- pronto.

Friday, 8:21 AM | 154 comments

Thursday, October 23, 2014

City seeks outreach help for Our Palo Alto initiative

With the Our Palo Alto initiative stretching into its second year, city officials are preparing to hire an outreach consultant to assist planners in soliciting public input about local planning efforts.

Thursday, 9:36 AM | 30 comments
Menlo Park Fire district gets green light to buy a drone

A hand-held aerial drone, probably one with four helicopter blades, will likely take up residence soon in the Menlo Park Fire Protection District to help survey the scene of a fire from above.

Thursday, 8:45 AM | 3 comments

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Palo Alto police seek armed robbers in jewelry heist

A man and woman suspected of robbing a jewelry store in Palo Alto at gunpoint on Wednesday, Oct. 22, escaped with about 25 high-end watches valued at about $120,000, according to Palo Alto police.

Wednesday, 8:39 PM | 22 comments
Palo Alto Airport runway set for overdue repairs

It didn't take long for Palo Alto to reap the benefits of taking over its namesake airport from Santa Clara County. The city has just received a federal grant that will allow it to repair the long neglected runway at Palo Alto Airport.

Wednesday, 2:28 PM | 36 comments
Bay Area residents to experience partial eclipse Thursday

On Thursday afternoon, Bay Area residents and visitors will be able to view a partial eclipse of the sun in the southwestern sky, but experts warn that looking at the sun for more than a glance without proper protection or a filter can damage eyes.

Wednesday, 10:19 AM | 9 comments
City to look at new uses for Municipal Services Center site

A proposal to relocate some of the services at the sprawling Municipal Services Center on East Bayshore Road will be the subject of a $250,000 study staff recommends undertaking next year. City officials are backing off, however, from a prior proposal to move the nearby Animal Services Center.

Wednesday, 9:47 AM | 25 comments
On youth collaborative, city looks for more from school district

Inconsistent leadership, organizational dysfunction and "paralysis" have plagued youth health coalition Project Safety Net in recent years, placing a heavy administrative burden on city staff and hampering the bold leadership needed to push the Palo Alto collaborative forward, staff told the City Council's Policy and Services Committee Tuesday night.

Wednesday, 9:40 AM | 5 comments
Q&A: Palo Alto School Board candidates talk about elementary school issues

What are the top three improvements the school board candidates can make to help Palo Alto's elementary schools? Read on for the five board hopefuls' answers to this and other questions on elementary schools, in lieu of a Palo Alto Council of PTAs debate on the topic that was canceled last week.

Wednesday, 7:38 AM | 9 comments

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Downtown Palo Alto residents seek relief from train noise

Living next to downtown Palo Alto's bustling train station has many benefits, but for residents of 101 Alma St., a good night's sleep isn't one of them. With train horns keeping them up at night, many are now urging the council to establish a "quiet zone" near their homes.

Tuesday, 3:52 PM | 63 comments
Palo Alto to seek public input on trenching train tracks

Digging a trench for Caltrain would be a colossal undertaking with a price tag that could be higher than $1 billion, but Palo Alto officials agreed on Monday that it's an option that the city can't afford not to explore.

Tuesday, 9:57 AM | 43 comments
Mortgage broker who scammed East Palo Alto residents goes to prison

A San Jose mortgage broker who defrauded East Palo Alto and South Bay residents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and caused them to lose their homes will serve time in federal prison, according to the U.S. Attorney General's office.

Tuesday, 9:52 AM | 1 comment
Palo Alto rejects developers' proposals for new garage

New parking garages may be an urgent priority in Palo Alto, but city officials balked Monday at giving private developers a shot at building the new structures.

Tuesday, 2:16 AM | 22 comments

Monday, October 20, 2014

Another flashing incident reported in Palo Alto

With Palo Alto police on the lookout for a man involved in a string of flashing incidents earlier this month, a parent has reported that her 13-year-old daughter witnessed a similar case of indecent exposure in early August, police said.

Monday, 1:25 PM | 4 comments
Candidates pledge 'positive campaign' in heated race

With election season heading into its final stretch, the four City Council candidates endorsed by the group Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning are urging others in the race to join them in a pledge to keep campaigning positive.

Monday, 9:58 AM | 21 comments
Coroner releases identity of man killed on train tracks

A man who died on the train tracks in Palo Alto on Oct. 15 has been identified by the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner's office.

Monday, 9:51 AM | 17 comments
Shop Talk: Bloomies goes high-tech, Common Ground closes

A brand new Bloomingdale's opens at the Stanford Shopping Center, Mac's Smoke Shop and Gryphon Stringed Instruments celebrate big birthdays, and Mandarin Gourmet and Common Ground both close.

Monday, 8:53 AM | 11 comments

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Man arrested for slashing roommate with a steak knife

A man who used a steak knife to slash his roommate during a fight in the kitchen of their Downtown North residence was arrested Thursday night, police said.

Sunday, 9:36 PM | 1 comment
Guest Opinion: Another 'Fiber to the Premise' resurrection for Palo Alto?

The long-discussed dream of getting true high-speed fiber-optic service for Palo Alto is looking like a real possibility. There are two reasons: Google is offering to bring fiber to 34 communities, one of which may be Palo Alto; and Palo Alto has a little-known "fiber fund" built on profits from leases of fibers in the city's "dark-fiber ring," created in the late 1990s.

Sunday, 8:17 AM | 31 comments
Palo Alto prepares to move forward with new El Camino Park fields

Four years after Palo Alto began to consider replacing the playing fields, upgrading the lights and sprucing up the pathways around El Camino Park, the city is at last preparing for the construction phase.

Sunday, 8:16 AM | 17 comments

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Editorial: Yes on Measure B to increase hotel tax

Palo Alto Measure B would increase the city's transient occupancy tax, the tax added to hotel bills for visitors, from 12 percent to 14 percent.

Saturday, 5:06 PM | 2 comments
Editorial: Yes on Measure C to update utility tax

Palo Alto currently generates about 7 percent of its general-fund revenue, or some $11 million, from the 5 percent utility tax that was approved by voters in 1987.

Saturday, 5:04 PM | 1 comment
Editorial: No on Measure D on reducing council size

Talk of reducing the size of the Palo Alto City Council from nine to seven has come and gone for decades, but has never generated enough traction to get on the ballot.

Saturday, 4:58 PM | No comments yet
Editorial: Re-elect Brian Schmidt to water district

With Palo Alto's water supply coming entirely from Hetch Hetchy through the San Francisco Water Department, the Santa Clara Valley Water District's importance to the city is primarily in the flood control and creek habitat work where Schmidt has been most active.

Saturday, 4:48 PM | 3 comments
Palo Alto school board candidates meet for last forum

The five candidates for Palo Alto Board of Education gathered Friday afternoon at senior center Avenidas for the last scheduled forum of the election season, discussing in a much more conversational setting topics from student stress to the state of the youth well-being coalition Project Safety Net.

Saturday, 4:10 PM | 9 comments
Children in YMCA adult locker rooms questioned

The YMCA of Silicon Valley has been allowing children 7 years old and younger to join their opposite-sex parents in the locker rooms. But some users of the Palo Alto Family YMCA on Ross Road say the policy opens the door for inappropriate exposure and is disturbing to adult members.

Saturday, 7:42 AM | 32 comments
Teen well-being collaborative seeks new model

Palo Alto's broad-reaching mental health coalition formed five years ago in response to teen suicides, Project Safety Net, today finds itself at a crossroads after losing its second director in two years.

Saturday, 7:41 AM | 23 comments

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