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By Paul Losch

MBA Absurdity as a Sign of the Times

Uploaded: Apr 2, 2010

I had the good fortune to attend a prominent business school, and graduated from it more years ago than I care to admit. It has a great local alumni club, terrific alumni support at the school, and amazing programs both here in the Bay Area and on the campus.

I did not take part in a recent "Entrepreneur Contest," that took place, but I must admit I am skeptical about the prospects for the winner and the runner up.

The winner, as best as I can tell, has a business model that evauluates personal services from medical to financial and will "advise" those who go on the web site on how to find such people.

The runner up was into Feng Shui on line, as best as I can tell. For babies and their mothers. Selling stuff that is feng shui appropriate.

They are seeking money from "Angels" from this school of business alumni with what appear to me to be business that have little or no prospect of success. Niche consumer products, diificult to scale, content based, don't have a truly clear differentiable value proposition.

Since I did not see their presentations, I could have it all wrong. On the other hand, since I did not see their presentations, I could have it all right.