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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shop Talk: Fran's Market closes

Palo Alto's Fran's Market closes suddenly; owners and customers say the eviction notice came at a bad time.

Thursday, 12:13 PM | 4 comments
Fourth festivities to mark Independence Day

Independence Day celebrations will take place throughout the Peninsula on Saturday, July 4. Celebrate the red, white and blue at patriotic events, including family-friendly activities in Palo Alto, parades in Menlo Park and Redwood City and a firework display in Mountain View.

Thursday, 11:59 AM | No comments yet
Catering to the community

The founders of Ada's Cafe at Mitchell Park Community Center have created a nonprofit eatery that serves everyone.

Thursday, 11:52 AM | 1 comment
Worth a Look: Wearable technology, Elvis Costello and more

This week, catch Steely Dan and Elvis Costello in concert, sign up for improv acting classes and check out wearable technology at the Computer History Museum.

Thursday, 11:42 AM | No comments yet
This is what democracy sounds like

The newly minted Stanford Collaborative Orchestra (SCOr) works democratically and without a conductor, each member taking responsibility for staying in sync.

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Art in the garden

The 2015 Summer Sculpture Exhibit at Filoli features 40 works by 9 regional artists, displayed around the estate's gardens.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shop Talk: 520 Chef's Table now more affordable

Chef Clive Berkman of the Garden Court Hotel has decided to offer his monthly, gourmet, multi-course meal for half the previous price.

Thursday, 3:37 PM | No comments yet
Honey on the hands

Beekeeper Kendal Sager is passionate about bee education, and has begun teaching workshops to encourage others to take up the hobby.

Thursday, 3:31 PM | No comments yet
Book Talk: New novels, memoirs and more

This month, Palo Alto authors publish memoirs and novels, young writers release new titles and a Mountain View novelist's young-adult book is set to become a film.

Thursday, 2:19 PM | No comments yet
Waiting, and finding a voice

Palo Alto resident Stuart Rojstaczer has published "The Mathematician's Shiva," a novel that mixes together his Polish-Russian-Jewish roots, his exposure to advanced mathematics and a generous dollop of humor.

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Telling true stories

First-hand accounts of American drag queens and gender artists. Stories of children living in orphanages in Ghana. These are among the audio documentaries created by recipients of Stanford's Braden Grant.

Thursday, 12:22 PM | No comments yet
Order and chaos

The Pear's "Arcadia" may not be perfect, but it's a funny, vigorous, well-executed production of one of the most intriguing plays of the last quarter century.

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Worth a Look: Argentinian tango, Twilight concerts and more

This week, attend the West Coast debut of Argentinian tango ensemble Orquesta Victoria, head to Kepler's Books for Mystery-Thriller Saturday and catch fine art photography at Gallery House.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Pear Theatre announces new home

After months of building anticipation and community speculation, Mountain View's Pear Avenue Theatre has announced the location of its new home.

Monday, 8:19 PM | 1 comment

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