A Walk Among the Tombstones
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A Walk Among the Tombstones At one point in the new crime thriller "A Walk Among the Tombstones," someone asks Liam Neeson's private eye what it takes to be a good detective. "Patience. Instinct. Blind luck, mostly," he replies. These same qualities could be said to apply to wr...... Read the full review

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"Abandoned Miner's Shack"
Shoshone, CA (near Death Valley) Submitted by Laurie Naiman on Nov 9, 2010

A&E Features

The Ecstasy of Embodiment
Programmers, entrepreneurs, academics and artists alike flock to Ecstatic Dance Palo Alto to discover the healing powers of dance and the hidden connections between their bodies and their minds. Friday, 6:23 AM

The art of questioning
What is a city?
It's a question Palo Alto residents and visitors may find themselves facing -- literally -- in the coming weeks. Wednesday, 3:10 PM

A&E Digest
The Cantor Arts Center expands its hours, the City of Palo Alto announces the relaunch of its artists in residence program, and PA Art Center Director Karen Kienzle receives a national honor. Tuesday, 10:09 AM | 1 comments

A comedy of despairs
Director Jeanie K. Smith tackles the English playwright's farcical diptych production, with satisfying results. Friday, 7:08 AM

From jazz to raga
It took nine years for Mountain View musician Charles Lloyd to master the sitar. Now, he has the chance not only to perform in front of a live audience, but also to pay public respect to his teacher. Tuesday, 2:54 PM

Doing good with food
Foodanthropy has arrived in Palo Alto.
It's not some trendy new hybrid dessert, but rather, the marriage of two worlds -- food and philanthropy -- in an unusual new downtown restaurant. Friday, 6:22 AM | 1 comments

Stanford unveils the Anderson Collection
This Sunday, September 21, Stanford University will host a grand opening for the Anderson Collection, a new museum of Modern and contemporary American art collected over more than 50 years. Friday, 7:08 AM | 2 comments

Shop Talk
New snack shop opens at Stanford Mall, Elements Massage comes to Edgewood and Coupa Café hosts an evening devoted to women's rights. Friday, 7:08 AM

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Where pizza calls, lasagna answers

Karen Joy Fowler to speak at Kepler's

Book Talk

A Festival of Fall Arts

Portola Valley theater company snags heavy-hitter as artist-in-residence


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