Dolphin Tale 2
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Dolphin Tale 2 "Dolphin Tale 2" will no doubt be a delightful experience for animal-loving tots. But for the adults who bring them, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a surreal experience, due to the at-times bizarrely clunky dramatics and the realization that will ...... Read the full review

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"Palo Alto Street"
Frozen moment on the University Avenue, downtown Palo Alto. Submitted by Paul Gralen on Mar 18, 2013

A&E Features

A Festival of Fall Arts
Fall is here, and as all art lovers know, that means a fresh new arts season is upon us. In the following pages, you'll find events ranging from live dance and theater to music, film, comedy, magic and storytelling. Friday, 7:01 AM | 1 comments

Worth a Look
Catch the opening of Palo Alto Players' magical realist musical "Big Fish," check out color prints by American photographer William Eggleston at Bryant Street Gallery or go online to the Revs Library to cruise Stanford's new collection of classic car photos. Friday, 7:01 AM

Portola Valley theater company snags heavy-hitter as artist-in-residence
When the San Jose Repertory Theatre went under earlier this year, it left the regional theater community in dismay. Monday, 12:42 PM | 1 comments

Where to savor the end of summer
Summer is drawing to a close, but chances are the warm weather plans to stick around for another month of comfortable outdoor dining. Here are 10 great spots to dine outdoors in Palo Alto, Mountain View and Menlo Park. Friday, 7:01 AM

Redwood City introduces movies in 270 degrees
Next Friday, Sept. 19, Redwood City's Cinemark 20 theater unveils Barco Escape: a new, immersive movie-watching experience. Wednesday, 11:19 AM | 3 comments

Portrait of a nation
The Cantor Arts Center has unveiled many of Robert Frank's iconic images, alongside some of his never-before-seen works, in "Robert Frank in America." Friday, 7:22 AM

Palo Alto's popular muralist Greg Brown dies

Making music, changing lives

The best of all worlds

Dancing with the universe


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