Finding Vivian Maier
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Finding Vivian Maier Photographer John Maloof was only looking for some historical photos of the Chicago area when he purchased a box of undeveloped negatives at an auction in the winter of 2007. At the time, Maloof was working on a history book about the Windy City, and...... Read the full review

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"Sidewalk Art"
At a past Palo Alto Art Festival Submitted by Laurie Naiman on Aug 18, 2011

A&E Features

Car exaust like poop, film says
A Palo Alto filmmaker launched a $21,000 fund-raising drive this week for a children's video analogizing auto exhaust to poop. The analogy, she said, is a way to get people to care about a pollutant they cannot smell, taste or see. Wednesday, 10:24 AM | 1 comments

Herb Wong, jazz icon and educator, dies at 88
Easter Sunday this year saw the passing of Herb Wong, a long-time Menlo Park resident renowned internationally as a jazz expert and educator, who taught jazz at the Palo Alto Adult School for 25 years. Monday, 11:33 AM | 3 comments

Treading water
Opportunity knocked, opportunity not answered -- at least for now. That's Dale Benson's assessment of Sam's Chowder House in Palo Alto. According to Benson, it wasn't a single glaring problem, "rather, a series of off-center details that didn't add up." Friday, 10:16 AM | 4 comments

Technobable in 'Silicon Valley'
It was announced this Monday that "Silicon Valley," the Mike Judge-helmed HBO sitcom filmed in and around Palo Alto, has been green lit for a second season by its parent network. Deservedly so. Here are the top five most meaningless, nonsensical or downright ridiculous examples of techspeak from the show's first three episodes.

Tuesday, 1:55 PM | 6 comments

Worth A Look
This week in Worth A Look, a stage production of "Harold and Maude" from the Los Altos Stage Company and a musician who teaches children how to "speak" with music at Bing. Thursday, 4:25 PM

Civil Rights Movement captured
Stanford University Libraries is in the process of uploading and cataloging 10,000 images by Bob Fitch. One of the most prolific photographers of the Civil Rights Movement, Fitch had privileged access to the inner circles of social justice leaders, such as Cesar Chavez and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Friday, 10:26 AM

Sherlock goes sidesplitting

Stanford arts buildings to be revamped


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